The Rush Essays team is consummate professionals. They are fantastic at getting essays and assignments done very quickly. We have always been impressed with just how much they can do in such a short space of time. They do not cheat and do not spin content. They do not re-sell old essays and they do not rewrite. The content you receive is all freshly written by a degree-qualified writer.

All of their writers have English as their first language, and all of their writers work full-time. They are able to create high quality essays in as little as three hours, but their deadlines are changeable depending on the time of the day. For example, if you order a 3-hour deadline piece at 2am in the morning, do not be surprised if they do not accept the deadline because their writers are asleep.

Service Specialty

The rush essay specialty is that they get their work done very quickly without compromising on quality. The rush essays team have been specially trained to get their work done really quickly without lowering their quality standards, this means you can make an order that has a long or short deadline and the service quality will be the same.

As a result of their unique selling point, the rushessay team charges a little more than the industry average price. They are able to get work done very quickly because they are frighteningly efficient at what they do. They spend all of their working week writing essays on the same subjects, so it stands to reason that they would be able to hone their skills so they may write essays with a very fast turnaround.

Price Range

Their pages range from $22.95 to $54.95 per page. They offer 275 words per page instead of 250 words per page, which is what some essay writing services do. As previously mentioned, they do charge a little more than the industry average, but this is because you can trust that they will get your work done on time with without doing a bad job.

They will get your work done quickly and when you need it. Being able to trust an essay writing company to get your work done on time is worth far more than they are charging in fees. They have a series of discounts you can use. They have a starter discount that you can apply to your first order, and they have bulk-buy discount that gives you a discount of up to 15% if you buy enough pages.

Quality in General

The rushessays have become very good and very efficient at writing fresh and original essays very quickly. The website is not very clear, but they do provide full writing services for all academic subjects. If you attend a college in an Anglo-Saxon country (where English is the main language), then they will be able to complete your project for you. They have writers that are qualified in every subject. They hire degree-qualified writers, and their team is so large that they have numerous writers for every subject that you may find in a mainstream college.

Support and Service Quality

Visit the website to gain access to their customer service department. They have a live chat on their website that you can use if you have a semi-urgent question. If you have a very urgent question or want to speak to somebody, then use the phone number that is listed on their rush website. Their customer support staff are friendly and very professional. They will get you the answers you need very quickly without leaving you on hold or making you wait while they think about the answer or consult their books.


Our review finds the website very easy to use. It is a shame they put the links at the top because they do not really tell students much. For example, you may click on the custom essay section, and it tells you about their custom essays, but it seems pointless because they could have summed it up in two sentences.

The links across the top are really for students that are very nervous about using the site and that need further reassurance. Our rushessay reviews always praise the fact that their bulk-buy discount codes are automatically applied to your order. Plus, their quotation tool is very easy to use and is perfect for picking a quote that suits your budget.