This is an essay writing service that is smaller than the others we have reviewed, but they are slowly building their Internet presence and are working towards becoming a very good and professional company. They do not have as many writers as the other essay writing services on this website, but that is probably why they are able to charge far less than the writing companies we have reviewed.

They do not have hidden charges, and they do not have discounts, which means the price you see is the price you pay. All of their work is backed by academic research, and they do not fluff up their essays to pad the word count. Their essays are original and custom written.

Service Specialty

The best selling point and service specialty that offers is its prices. They only charge a small amount for their services. The reasons for this are unclear, but their prices are lower than the industry average, but are not so low as to be suspicious. For example, there are some companies that charge very low prices but that does not hire degree-qualified writers–this is not one of those companies. This company hires degree-qualified writers and still charges a low price.

One theory as to why their prices are so cheap is that they have created a discount-free environment. They do not offer discounts, which technically means they can show their lowest prices on their website. If they did have discounts, they would no doubt have to display slightly higher prices. We should note that they only have 250 words per page, when most essay writing services have 275 words per page. Even with this in mind, they are still a very low-priced essay writing service, and they may be ideal for students with a small or very limited budget.

Price Range

The buyessays team offer prices as low as $15.95 per page. These are fantastic prices if you are used to using essay-writing services. Their quotation tool works in real time and is easy to use, but it is not perfect. We would have preferred if they had let us see numerous prices at one time, but instead you have to generate your prices one at a time.

Quality in General

When you buy essay company services, you expect somewhat of a mixed result. Sometimes a writing company will produce great work, and sometimes they produce okay work. This company is cheap, but they are also consistent. The buy team are not top performers. They are not going to knock your socks off with their work. They are not going to get you top marks either, but they will work very consistently. The quality you get this time will be the same as what you get time and time again in the future.

Support and Service Quality

Their live chat is rather good. They get your questions answered very quickly. They do not mess around on the chat function and keep you sitting here for hours while they reply. They also do not try to extend the contact in any way. They get your question answered and they have you move on. It is clear that they are well trained and that they do not beat around the bush when it comes to getting your answers.


The website is easy to use and is actually better laid out than we are used to. Within our review, we have mentioned their written quality, and we should mention that their written quality is better on essay than it is on their website. Their free-draft idea is rather fun, and their website is well designed in that it offers both a good user experience and is aesthetically pleasing too.