The American Writers company is an essay writing service that writes student essays for a fee. They custom write essays so they are plagiarism free. They do not re-sell essays and they get their work done as per the deadline the students set. Is this the best essay writing service on our review website? No it is not, but it is one of the cheapest, and it has a service specialty that none of the others have, so this may be the company for you.

Their website is easy to use, but their quotation tool is not as sophisticated as Rush Essays and Best Essay. Nevertheless, you are still able to get a quote in real time without signing up for an account. It is just a shame they do not let us see a variety of quotes in one session, you have to keep re-generating different quotes with different deadlines and quality standards to see how low and high their prices go.

Service Specialty

Our review finds that this is a great company for students that do not have English as their first language. Many such students use essay writing services and they are caught out. They are not caught because the essay is copied or because it is bad quality, it is because the professor doesn’t believe that the student wrote the piece.

Professors recognize when a student suddenly goes from making second-language mistakes to having perfect English. With this writing company, you are guaranteed a piece that looks like it has been written by a person with English as their second language. Take a look at their website at and you will see that it is grammatically correct and will pass any spelling and grammar checker, but that it is loaded with mistakes that only a person with English as their second language would make.

Price Range

Their prices start from $17.95, but they only give you 250 words per page, which is lower than the usual 275 words per page. If you are searching for the lowest prices, then compare what you get for your money with this company, remembering the word count issue, and see if you can get a lower price here than you may with another company.

Quality in General

Okay, let us level with you, they claim they have American writers, which they probably do, and they claim your essay will be written by an American writer, which it probably will, but the writer will have English as a second language. Unless you order an essay for English as a subject, they will assign an American writer to your project that has English as their second language.

It will pass all spelling and grammar checkers and will make sense, but it will clearly look like something that a person with English as their second language would have written. Their service is built for students that have English as their second language. The first clues are the images on their website; the second clue is the writing on their website.

Support and Service Quality

Their live chat and phone number takes you through to a variety of different people. Sometimes we get somebody with a very strong accent that we have trouble understanding, and sometimes we get somebody that we can understand very well. They gave us the answers we desired, so we cannot complain, but we admit that we have felt a modicum of frustration with their customer service department now and again.


We would be amiss writing our American writers review if we didn’t mention their free draft service. Our reviewers are only here to write about fully paid services, but we do find their free draft idea to be an interesting gimmick that we would like to see spread to other writing companies. The website claims an address, but if you look it up or go on Google maps, you will see it is a skincare institute next to a golf course.

Their website is mostly full of bloating and gloating, is full of inaccurate and lies. It is highly likely that they are not based in America at all because their website is just so loaded with lies about how they hire people, where they operate and so forth. All we say is that despite their website, they do offer a very good service for students that have English as their second language.